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Translation of written materials from Spanish into English
  • Includes thorough reading and research in Spanish and clear, concise writing in English.

Editing and proofreading
  • of translations from Spanish into English and texts written originally in English (by native or non-native speakers)


  • I charge per source (Spanish) word, so you will know the final price before translation begins.


  • The rate is based on many factors, including the difficulty or technicality of the text and its format (Word document, PDF, etc.). Every project is unique, which means that I will need to see the document in question before providing a final quote.

Advantages of working with me

  • One point of contact: if you have any questions or concerns, I am the one to talk to. With me you get a direct and friendly working relationship.


  • I am committed to meeting each and every deadline, and am easy to reach.


  • I am committed to working within all confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, so you can be sure your work is safe with me.


  • Every industry has its own unique terminology and style. I know my limits – I only take on work in areas that I know I can complete with the highest level of quality.


  • If you need a translation in a different language pair or field, I am happy to help you track down the right translator.

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